Even if you are an experienced skipper, we recommend that you hire a local professional skipper that will make your holidays more relaxing and care-free. 

The skipper is the person responsible for your safety and the vessel’s during the trip, so his job requires a 24/7 vigilance. Hiring a professional skipper means that you are released of responsibilities concerning the boat, so you can enjoy your holidays and truly relax during the trip!
Also, he stands out for his local knowledge, support and specialization in the Greek waters and islands. He will recommend the best places and hidden spots to visit during the trip. Due to his experience in the area he can be your “personal tour guide”! He knows the Greek waters well enough to avoid spots that might be dangerous to sail due to the weather conditions and also knows the safest and best places to anchor offshore (better than Greek water pilot!). Further to that, when you hire a local skipper check in and check out procedures become more quick and easy, as the skipper already knows the boats.

    • THE SKIPPER is responsible for the safety of the vessel and her crew (guests). His or her duties include sailing of the vessel, planning the itinerary, and looking after the yacht (not cooking, cleaning or shopping). Guests may be required to help with various sailing tasks if there is no second professional crew member on board. The skipper will discuss the itinerary with the charterer and as much as possible will try to accommodate his/her requests. However, the skipper has the final say on all matters on board which may affect the safety of the ship and her crew. If the weather conditions are or appear to be unsuitable for sailing, the skipper decides whether or not to leave port.
    • THE COOK / HOSTESS duties include light cooking and serving of 2-3 meals per day (usually breakfast and buffet style lunch, snacks, sandwiches, drinks, etc. or sometimes breakfast and dinner), shopping of basic provisions (at client’s expense), cleaning of public spaces, but not cabins (unless privately arranged). He/she will also usually help the skipper in the capacity of first-mate.
    • Difference between Hostess & Cook : Hostess is responsible for planning and cooking 2 meals per day (breakfast & lunch), and cook is responsible for planning and cooking all meals per day (breakfast, lunch & dinner)
    • Crew meals: Meals should be provided for the hired crew during the week so please factor them into your provision planning. When you eat ashore in the evenings, you are not obliged to invite the crew to join you, but some people do. If you choose not to, it is generally understood that the crew will eat again from the on board provisions or make their own arrangements. Sometimes, the charterer provides an additional expense for the crew to eat ashore by themselves. Discuss the options with the crew at the beginning of the week to find out what works best for them.
    • The crew are not obliged to work longer than 8 hours per day although often do so. A crew gratuity is optional and at the discretion of the client. If you are happy with your crew, a recommended tip is approximately 10% of the yacht charter fee.

Alimos Marina (Kalamaki)

Athens International Airport “EL. VENIZELOS” is approximately 41km NE from Alimos Marina. You can reach the marina either by public bus or by taxi. You will find both as soon as you exit the main airport areas. If you choose the bus, take bus number X96 heading to Piraeus port. Your stop is called EDEM, (ask your bus driver for help). 
Choosing the taxi is the most convenient solution and costs approximately 50 Euro. We can arrange your transfer with a taxi or a minibus.

Contact Us regarding the availabilities in order to give you the best possible offer.

Price list 2020 OCTOPUS YACHTING

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Every chartering week starts on Saturday at 17:00 and ends on the following Saturday at 09:00. The sailing boat must return to base the evening before disembarkation at 18:00. Different check in/check out dates and hours upon request.

If you do not wish to hire a skipper, you should be aware that at least one official certificate proving sailing experience for the Skipper is required. The certificate must be in English language or translated in English and provided as a scanned document.

Certificates in other languages are not accepted by port authorities.

Day skipper lisence is not accepted.

Prices (in Euro) refer to one week of chartering (Saturday 17:00 to Saturday 09:00) and include: VAT 12%, Dinghy with Outboard motor.

Prices do not include: Fuel, Provisions, Mooring fees, Skipper fees, Transfer from the airport to the marina.

Additional Costs

        • Lagoon 380: 170 EUR per charter
        • Lagoon 400: 200 EUR per charter
        • Lagoon 42: 230 EUR per charter
        • Oceanis 51.1: 230 EUR per charter

        – Obligatory. It is paid in cash at base and includes: Yacht’s final cleaning, port police papers, bed linen & towels (one set per person per week), water refill at the base, cooking gass, shore electric power at the base (where available), one fill of fuel for outboard, port fees for the first and the last day of the charter.

      • Refundable Security Deposit:
        • Lagoon 380: 2,500 EUR per charter
        • Lagoon 400: 3,000 EUR per charter
        • Lagoon 42: 3,500 EUR per charter
        • Oceanis 51.1: 3,500 EUR per charter
      • Optional services:
        • StandUp Paddle: 150 EUR per week
        • Fishing Equipment (full set- big game trolling fishing, complete set:shimano reel TLD 50 and rod,hook,harness): 100 EUR per week
        • Wifi 3 GB: 50 EUR per week
        • Safety net (recommended when there are small children on board): 150 EUR per charter
        • Shopping of provisions and delivery to the boat: 50 EUR

Are there any additional/hidden costs?

No there are not any other hidden costs.

Skipper fee: 190€ per day + food supply + own cabin

Hostess fee: 170€ per day + food supply + own cabin

Cook fee: 180€ per day + food supply + own cabin

All prices do not include provision fees.

Regarding the provisions you have the following choices:

  1. You can order provisions online from Balaskas Supermarket from this link: e-shop or fill in this form and we will do it for you. This service and the delivery of the products to the boat is free of charge.
  2. Balaskas Supermarket can also arrange to transfer you to their facilities and back, where you can shop all provisions. The transfer is also free of charge.
  3. There is also the option of shopping from the local supermarket which is outside of the marina (Sklavenitis Super Market). The supermarket takes over the delivery of provisions to the boat (with possible delays).

Every sailing boat has its base for the current year. The boat must start from and end up to this base.

If you wish, you can start from/ return to a different base, prior special arrangement. Please note that this depends on the current charters that have already been confirmed.

Contact Us for one way fees.

50% of the total charter fee is paid by bank’s transfer to our account upon contract signing.

The balance (the rest 50% of the sailing charter fee) is paid 45 days prior to embarkation.

Octopus Yachting offers the following discounts:

      • 2 or more weeks charter: 5%
      • Early booking (till 31/01): 10%.
      • Repeated client: 5%.

Maximum total discount: 15%.

The refundable Security Deposit is required upon embarkation and will cover any damage or loss of the sailing yacht or her equipment during the cruise.

Also, there is the option of insurance waiver. Contact us for more information.

1.When cancellation is announced 1 to 45 days prior to departure, 100% of the total charter fee is due.

2.When cancellation is announced 46 to 90 days prior to departure, 50% of the total charter fee is due.

3.When cancellation is announced 91 days prior to departure, 30% of the total charter fee is due.
Octopus Yachting guarantee:
In any of the above cases, we guarantee that the total charter fee of a cancelled charter will be returned to our customer (except of an administration fee of 300 Euro), in case a new charter comes up for the same boat, for this
period, under the same conditions.

All sailing boats are insured against:

      • Risks arising from liability to third parties and damage to hull, machinery and equipment.
      • Sea pollution liability.
      • Third party liability.
      • A deductible provision is applied, depending on the sailing yachts value.