Our Company

Octopus Yachting is a yacht management company that started its operation in whole in 2015 by Kyriakos Markou, growing its fleet year by year by making yacht sales, maintenance, and chartering. Experience Greece with Octopus Yachting

The Octopus team was also getting stronger in the base operation, sales, and administration in a way and pace that maintains the quality of the offered services at a premium level and at the same time builds trusted and long-lasting relationships with its partners. Through its increasing success in all aspects of its activities, Octopus has managed to build a solid reputation among the yachting sector’s professionals regarding seamanship, integrity, and trust.

The challenging 2020 year led the company to changes in administrational operation but not in terms of values and prospects, adding even more yachts and delivering the same standards to secure its guests’ well-being. Experience Greece with Octopus Yachting

Investing in the company’s smoother administration and its people, Octopus Yachting continued to expand to 3 yacht charter bases in total around Greece, resulting in happy guests, happy partners, and happy boat owners.