Yacht ownership in Greece

Yacht ownership in Greece looks like a dream but it’s just an almost casual decision. It’s a common secret that Greece provides a great yachting destination with its safe seas, great weather, and of course countless islands.

If you want to buy a new or used yacht in Greece then, Octopus Yachting is your best choice! All you have to do is to decide and leave all the procedures to us. We can assist you even in choosing the right yacht depending on your needs, deal with all the paperwork and registration phase.

Yacht ownership in Greece is not only a hobby and pleasure matter. It can be a great business opportunity! You can enjoy your yacht whenever you want and when you don’t, you can have an income by renting it! We’ll be very pleased to have your boat at Octopus Fleet and take care of all the details.

Our charter yacht management programs can provide the most suitable way for you to reach thousands of sailing enthusiasts and get your yacht to work for you!

Why should I buy a yacht in Greece?

  • Great weather – Safe seas
  • Wonderful islands and so many ports to explore
  • Extended season in a “genuine” sailing destination
  • No VAT on yacht purchases
  • No Taxes for income coming from charters
  • Any UE company can establish a local branch in Greece
  • Setting up a Greek Maritime Company for Pleasure Yachts (M.C.P.Y.) is easy and doesn’t require a fortune

Octopus Yachting can manage your yacht ownership and provide you with exactly the service you need. From a piece of professional advice on the right choice of a yacht before your purchase to the best charter yacht management you can enjoy in Greece!
You see… Sailing is our life!

Stop dreaming about it! Just make your move!
Contact us and let’s get started!



Charter Yacht Management in Greece

Do you own a yacht in Greece? Are you planning to buy one? Octopus Yachting is here to assist you. We can offer you the right guidance on choosing the yacht of your dreams and equip it properly.
Now you are ready to start enjoying your yacht!

Enjoy your sailing in one of the best sailing destinations in the world. You can then join our charter fleet and let your yacht work for you! No more sailing expenses, just pure fan and a business opportunity!
There is nothing to worry about. We can manage the crew and keep your yacht in a perfect condition.

And when you need to sail, your yacht will be more than ready!



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Our Plans

Flotilla sailing is the concept of chartering more than one yacht following the same itinerary guided by a lead yacht that has an experienced local skipper on board. It is ideal for large groups of people with mixed sailing experience. Check our sailing yachts here or contact us to help you make your trip happen.

Exclusive plan

  • Investors’ choice for maximum profit
  • 8-10% net owner profit out of yacht worth value
  • Zero owner engagement required
  • Financial plan (annual, 3 or 5-year)
  • Financial data reports (expenses, booked charters revenue)
  • Unlimited private use in low season or upon availability in high

Semi charter/Zero owner profit

  • Owner’s choice for personal leisure with zero balance
  • Zero expense/income balance
  • Zero or minor owner engagement
  • Financial plan (annual)
  • Financial data reports (expenses, booked charters revenue)
  • Unlimited private use

Chartering only – CA package

  • Central agency chartering Owner able to winterise the yacht
  • Income up to 18% out of yacht worth value
  • Octopus maintenance & equipment standards
  • Financial plan (annual)
  • Financial data reports (expenses, booked charters revenue)
  • Unlimited owner use in low season or upon availability in high

Maintenance package

  • Winter maintenance + Full time yacht engagement (optional summer support)
  • No income
  • Sail-ready yacht for owner
  • Financial plan (annual)
  • Financial data reports (expenses)

Explaining The Terms

Chartering: Includes bookings and check-in/check-outs
Winter maintenance: Includes maintenance, spare parts, inventory retrieval (optional: upgrades)

Full time yacht engagement/management: Includes yacht promotion, mediation, ease of legalisation, accounting, marina and port authority procedures. Full time yacht monitoring and accountability, income/expense recording and registration. Participation in special discounted third-party pricing through Octopus.

Profit: Annual amount, net and clear from all expenses and Value Added Tax, out of the yacht’s current value
Unlimited private use: It is restricted only up to the chosen chartering plan and income target

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