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Should I book a catamaran or a monohull yacht?

Choosing to sail with a catamaran can benefit mostly in terms of comfort and stability even in high Beaufort scale. Offering bigger and more spacious salon, deck and cabins, these highly requested yachts are ideal for families or bigger groups of people who prefer to have a more relaxed and comfortable staying while also enjoy the privacy of independent spaces on board.
Due to their 2-hull design, catamarans have increased stability and are often preferred for their limited motion on water.
A monohull is what a sailor calls “sailing yacht’’. This classic type allows more efficient sailing, or what a sailor would say “real sailing”. Due to their design, monohulls are easier to handle: they offer extreme freedom when manoeuvring while it is also easier to find a berth in ports and marinas because of their short beam. Monohulls are an affordable option, as they usually require a lower budget than catamarans. As far as safety is concerned, due to their one-hull design, monohulls are almost impossible to capsize even in the highest of wind scales.
What is the booking process?
Sometimes you don’t know where to start from when planning your vacation. Sailing holidays might require more preparation than conventional holidays, but good planning helps in having more time to enjoy while on board. Our people’s job is to make things simple and clear.
Once you send us your request, we will reply within 24 hours either with a full quote or by asking extra information that we may need. It’s always best to leave us a mobile number so that we let you know once our offer has been sent.
Try to process our quotation as soon as possible so that you do not lose the offered yacht. If you are interested and you need a few days to reconfirm with your fellow sailors or book your flights, we can hold the boat on your behalf for several days without paying any deposit.
Once you are ready to confirm the booking, our team will ask for your details in order to send you the reservation documents.
The payment terms require a 50% downpayment within 3 days after confirming and the balance 50% payment 30 days before your charter start date.
You can either pay via bank transfer or via Visa/Mastercard credit cards (surcharges apply)
How can you get provisions on a yacht?
Provisioning on a yacht might sound tricky but it is actually very easy. When checking-in the boats are empty of any provisioning. Octopus provides you some basic products that you might need upon your arrival, but you need to do the rest.
You can pre-order you provisions, either by asking a provisioning list or a provisioning link that allows you to order on your own and pick the time and the place of the delivery.
Upon arrival
Most supermarkets offer delivery of your groceries to your yacht after you go and pick your provisions. That means that either a supermarket car drives you there and brings you back with your groceries or you go to the supermarket on foot and the supermarket car brings the groceries to your boat so that you do not have to carry them.
Crew and provisions
In case you hire any professional crew member for your charter, you are responsible for their meals. You are not obliged to take them with you at restaurants and tavernas, but you either need to have provisions for their meals on board or you can pay their meals which is 30€/day/crew member.
Once you are ready to confirm the booking, our team will ask for your details in order to send you the reservation documents.

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